Social research in the field of public relations (Religion, Family, Society, Education, Leisure, etc.) is one of the most important areas of research activities of the RCSPO «Ijtimoiy Fikr» and is aimed at analyzing complex social processes in the country, as well as studying the range of problems associated with changes in the social structure and in the structure of public consciousness.

Marketing and socio-political research requires information on the level of socio-economic development, the quality of life of the population (city, district, etc.), the problems of local communities, the peculiarities of economic behavior of the population and the main source of such information is sociological research.


Political and legal analysis is the development of the normative and institutional method of political research. The legal component of the method consists in the analysis of the compliance of the actions of the subject of the study with the norms of the Constitution, international acts on human rights and freedoms and current legislation, and the political one in identifying the political goals and results of such actions.

Research carried out by the RCSPO «Ijtimoiy Fikr» is of a complex and multifaceted nature. They are aimed at analyzing the complex social processes in the country and studying the range of problems associated with changes in both the social and political structure of the country.


Research in the field of economic culture helps to identify the connection between the economic and political structure of society (market, state - democracy and authoritarianism), rethink the mutual influence of systems of values ​ ​ (beliefs) and economic structure, identify the causes of regional underdevelopment and imbalances, failures in the perception of reforms and their implementation, study the current culture of consumption, and finally, conduct an audit within the framework of economic theory and social sciences.

RCSPO «Ijtimoiy Fikr» regularly conducts regional studies of the socio-economic development of Uzbekistan, taking into account cultural, religious and institutional differences, studying the impact of the economic environment on consumer behavior, attitude towards the company, assessing the quality of services and goods, etc.

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